Changing lives by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities

Our Journey

Established in 2007, originally through the Dutch Reformed Church in Eros, Men on the Side of the Road, (MSR), is a Registered Welfare organisation, (Reg. No. WO348) and Incorporated Association Not for Gain (Reg. No. 21/2007/025), currently based in Windhoek. The overall vision of the project was to empower the unemployed men who gather at municipal job sites in Windhoek to be better able to compete in the labour market through a comprehensive programme of self-development, life skills training, technical skills training and placement, which in turn gives them the skills and confidence to actively seek long term job opportunities.


MSR has been growing at a steady pace for the past 6 years, but has come to a point where we realized that we were merely touching the surface of the opportunity to make a significant impact on the unemployed men in our local communities. We also believe that our existing capacity has been maximised and a decision was taken to expand the MSR value proposition significantly.


MSR is however very dependent on the support and assistance from the business community as well as private individuals and we hope that more people will join us in alleviating unemployment in our country.