Changing lives by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities

Who we are and what we do

Who we are

Launched in 2007, the Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) Project (WO348) works with men to enable them to gain marketable skills and start on the path to self-sustainability or employment. MSR facilitates change in Namibia by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities.


MSR works in partnerships with central and local government, businesses and interested individuals to help put the unemployed on the road to success, and to make its contribution to reducing unemployment in Namibia.


What we do

MSR aims to create a platform where members can take ownership of their lives and their working future. The organisation further seeks to create an environment where each man gains the skills, aptitudes and attitudes to be able to enter long-term employment or self-employment in a way that respects dignity, encourages independence and responsibility and gives purpose and a strong sense of self-respect.


Through the practical aspect of its work, MSR is able to challenge the stigma, prejudice and discrimination faced by its members and their exclusion from access to gaining the skills they need to secure employment and so lift them and their families out of poverty. The service provision is informed by the individual needs as identified by the members and is not negatively influenced by existing judgement and attitudes. Training will integrate into the learning cultural beliefs and identity and help men realise their full potential as productive members of society, raise self-confidence and self-esteem.


The aim of MSR is two fold: To link registered members to work opportunities and to better equip members to find employment for themselves. This is done by providing customers with information about reliable semi skilled or unskilled people who are looking for an opportunity to work. Customers are introduced to our members at a safe and convenient place, either at established MSR points or at a mutually convenient place. All members are issued with an MSR membership card, which lists their skills, and customers are encouraged to provide feedback to MSR by referencing the relevant membership number.


One person at a time, one job at a time, MSR is putting Namibians to work.


We facilitate the training of members, providing them with skills that will help them forever. We bring dignity and pride to the destitute, creating a sense of self-esteem and the knowledge that Namibians care.


How we do it

MSR registers the men on the side of the road, adding their details to our extensive database and providing them with photo membership cards, which indicate what skills they can offer. MSR has also established a “Drop-in Centre” where members are encouraged to write their own CVs, taking ownership of their skills and abilities in this important step in the employment process. At the Drop-in Centre, they are able to make job related phone calls, make photocopies and are given the tools to be successful in their job search.


Partnerships with local businesses and training centres have provided opportunities for MSR members to receive training in a wide variety of valuable skills, including truck driving, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, tiling, painting and small engine maintenance and repair.


The successful completion of these training courses has led to members finding jobs or being offered internships where they gain valuable work experience. Some even go onto further education. All these men needis an opportunity to turn their lives around, and this is what MSR does for its members.


Additional workshops on life skills, money management and literacy further enhance the potential for MSR members to find work and to improve their living conditions.


How you can help

You can get involved by using our services

Let us connect you with Namibians who are willing and able to work. Our database contains information on 100s of members and their skills, so that we can connect you with the right person for the job. There is no charge for this facilitation service, and you negotiate the wage directly with the member.


You can get involved by providing internships

Work experience is critical to building skills and confidence in our members, particularly those who have shown dedication and drive by completing training courses. Internships in vocational training, building industries, and gardening services, amongst others, are needed. Please let us know if you can help.


You can get involved by providing funding

Your support will help us to expand our database of members, giving more Namibians the chance to find employment. It will also help us to expand the services provided at our Drop In Centre.


Finally it will enable us to help more people extend their skills base through our holistic training program. MSR is a not for gain association, so your support goes directly to improving the lives of the unemployed by helping them to prepare for the job market and connecting them with job opportunities.


Together let’s get Namibians working, and make Namibia a better place for all its citizens.