Changing lives by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities

How YOU can make a difference

Thank you for your interest in MSR. 
With your help we can do so much more.

We have the following project proposals that require funding:

- If any one has any folding tables they no longer need, we would appreciate them, as we now need them for the courses we run, particularly the financial literacy course.

Marketing & awareness raising campaign:
- A drive to market MSR and raise awareness of our aims, while at the same time enabling some of our members to develop their leadership skills.

Employment scheme:
- Continuation of our activities of registering and maintaining contact with our members, and finding available job opportunities.

Training scheme:
- Implementation of our Six step approach to develop ‘job readiness’ and vocational skills among our members

The following projects have already been funded and we are grateful to our supporters:

Paper Briquette       making project:

Using recycled paper and newspaper to make paper bricks that can be used as fuel, which will reduce the indiscriminate wood gathering that happens every day around Windhoek. We hope to create at least 20 jobs in this project. The pilot has been financed by Avril Payment Solutions, and we are currently experimenting with the best size and composition of the paper bricks.

Thank you to the United Nations Development Programme

Drop in and Job Centre:

To develop the existing service to include needs based computer training, counseling and a board where companies can advertise job opportunities. The centre will include several computers for use by members (a service already offered) with internet access, as well as photocopying and fax facilities.

We thank the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives and Metropolitan Pinnacle Empowerment Trust