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Hire an MSR member

To employ one of our MSR members simply login, phone us on +264 61 305892
 or email us with your requirements on


Benefits of employing an MSR member

  • Our members are well known to us and have proven themselves to be keen and reliable, with verified skills and experience. This enables us to introduce you to members who are able to tackle almost any task.
  • All our members are part of our continuous customer evaluation program (people like you).
  • You meet the worker at a pre-arranged secure collection point.
  • Besides getting good, reliable workers at a fair rate, you’ll be helping us Make Namibians Work.


MSR has an extensive database of men who are either qualified or have had experience in a variety of skills. This is a short list of some of the services that our members will be able to provide for you:

- Bricklaying
- Building
- Car guards
- Car washing
- Cleaning
- Clearing
- Digging
- Electrical assistant
- Fencing
- Fruit picking
- Gardening
- Grouting
- Handyman
- Mowing
- Moving
- Packing
- Painting
- Paving
- Plastering
- Pool cleaning
- Pruning
- Plumbing assistant
- Recycling
- Repairs
- Restorations
- Removals
- Roof repairs
- Sanding
- Sealing
- Security
- Small Engine Repair
- Sorting
- Tiling
- Tree felling
- Trimming
- Varnishing
- Warehouse / pack house work
- Waste management
- Watering
- Waterproofing
- Workshop assistance


Frequently asked questions

Q: Why must I register as a customer?
A: Registering as a customer provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Access reliable, workers with verified skills;
  • Work in a program that lets us all Make “Namibians” Work.
    “How do I register as a customer? Simply click the MSR customer registration form.

A: It is important for customers/employers to register with MSR as it will make it easier and quicker to provide you with the placement service in future. It also makes customer communication and research more effective.

Q: How long does it take for my request for a worker to be finalized and confirmed?
A: Our placement call centre operates during office hours. It will take 12 hours to complete the process. Firstly we confirm your request, then we source the worker and facilitate an agreement on the rate of pay and the meeting point.

We encourage customers to book three or four days in advance in order to give us time to find someone suitable. We can expedite the process in an emergency but prefer to have the necessary time to find you the right person.
Please note that if you are a first time customer the process starts with registration, following which you request a worker. We therefore encourage people to register before hand even though you may not be requesting a worker immediately. Click here for customer registration form.

Q: What are the rates of pay for the different workers you have?
A: We recommend rates to customers but it is up to the customer to make an offer, which is accepted by the worker. We facilitate the discussion and ensure that the rate is agreed before placement takes place. Please contact our call centre (+264 61 305892) or email to get details of our recommended rates.

Meeting the MSR Member

Q: How will I meet the MSR member?
A: When your booking is finalized and you have been allocated an MSR member you will be asked to agree a convenient pick up point, or the address of the place they will be working, and the time you want the worker to start.

You will then receive an SMS or email confirming your request/booking with contact details for the member that you have been allocated, the agreed wages and the member’s mobile number so you can contact him if necessary.
The call centre will confirm with you that the meeting has been successful.

Q: How will I identify the Member?
A: We will provide you with the member’s telephone number so that you can agree on a suitable meeting place and time. Please make sure that you always check the MSR membership card.

At the workplace

Q: How many hours do members usually work per day?
A: Working hours are negotiated between you and the member, but cannot exceed statutory requirements.

We encourage customers to organize all working materials (paint, ladders etc.) before the event. Reducing the working hours due to delays with materials does not reduce the agreed daily wage.

If you do not feel the task will take a full day, then estimate the time the task will take, and offer a fee to ‘complete the task’. For example, if you have a tree stump that needs digging out, then offer a fee for completing the work.

Q: Should I provide lunch?
A: Additional benefits such as lunch or transport are agreed in advance as part of the wage package.

Q: Who pays the member?
A: The employer pays the full wage or salary directly to the member. MSR is a facilitator, and is not able to receive money for payment to a third party.

Members should not ask customers for lunch, transport or any other money unless it was agreed in advance.

Q: Supervision of the members?
A: The person is employed directly by you, and it is your responsibility to supervise, and ensure that the work is being performed to your satisfaction.

Q: Do members bring their own tools when they come to work?
A: You are required to provide the tools necessary to complete the work. The people we connect you with are labourers (albeit some of them are semi-skilled), they do not usually have their own tools.

Happy with the member

Q: Who do I inform when I need the member to come again the next day?
A: You can liaise directly with the person if you need them for additional days.

Q: What do I do if I would like to permanently employ the worker after several placements?
A: Agree with the person directly, but we request that you inform the MSR office so that we can amend our records.

Q: How will MSR know that I am happy about the service?
A: At the end of every placement the call center will contact you to find out about the service provided to you and also ask you to rate the member placed with you on a scale of 1 to 5. If you are particularly happy with the service we would love to hear from you via e-mail.

Going home

Q: Do I have to transport the member back to the pick-up point or will he find his way home?
A: You are not obliged to take the member back to the collection point but are requested to consider the distance to the closest public transport and give the member directions on how to get there.