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Our Projects

Job Creation

The Paper Block Project

Some of the shredded paper is also used in the Paper Block project, which manufactures paper bricks that can be used as an alternative to firewood. The bricks are made from a combination of shredded paper and sawdust. If you would like to learn more about this, please contactthe MSR office.



Life Skills for the World of Work
A requirement of membership of MSR is the attendance at the above course. The course covers the soft skills required in the workplace: communication, negotiation, roles and responsibilities of an employee, as well as interview skills and CV writing.


Money Management
All of our members are required to complete the Ministry of Finance’s “Budget wise, Save wise, Spend wise” course, which aims to help people to develop the skills and attitudes to use their money wisely. This is particularly important for them, as their income is usually very inconsistent.


The IT Drop In and Job Centre

This IT Drop In Centre will enable unemployed Namibians to take ownership of their job search activities, and to help them with the basic resources for doing this:

  • Access to photocopy facilities,
  • Access to phone, fax and email services.

With funding received from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives and Metropolitan Pinnacle Empowerment Trust, MSR has set up a dedicated area with computers that allows MSR members (and others – for a small fee), to use the computer to type a CV, or do job related research on the internet.

Part of this initiative will also include needs based computer skills on an individual basis, as well as a basic computer skills course.


English for the World of Work

Inadequate English language skills are one of the limiting factors that prevent many of our members from entering the formal labour market. To address this challenge, MSR has used funds received from the Namibian Literacy Trust to introduce a spoken English course, covering basic requirements in the workplace.