What We Do

We strive to connect underprivileged unemployed people to opportunities that improve their livelihood. Through MSR, members are given an opportunity to gain the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes necessary to enter long-term employment or self-employment in a way that respects their dignity, encourages independence and responsibility, and gives them purpose.

members with training

We challenge the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination faced by our members and their exclusion from access to employment. Through training, members will realize their full potential as productive members of society and thus raise their self-confidence and self-esteem.

The aim of MSR is two-fold: To prepare and connect registered members to employment opportunities and to better equip members to find employment for themselves.

One person at a time, one job at a time, we are linking Namibians with work.

The Specifics of How We Work

  • We identify unemployed individuals and encourage them to join our organization, free of charge.
  • Our members are provided with trainings that enhance their employability. The trainings include communication skills, CV building skills, interview tips, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship.
  • A skills assessment of the members is conducted and entered into the database that catalogs the member’s personal information, work experiences, and more. We also take note of all education and training requests/needs.
  • We then reach out to our extensive network of training institutions, companies, and private-hiring individuals and pair our members with an appropriate opportunity, at no cost to either party. This is the heart of MSR and acts as the stepping stool to that first rung of success for our members.

For the step by step process please review the seven-step approach model is used

Seven Steps

1. Essential Skills for the World of Work

One to one counseling with the applicant to determine the course most suitable for his or her aptitude and personality.

2. Basic English/ English for the World of Work

The lack of English language skills is often a limiting factor in our members being able to pursue formal employment, or even attend vocational training. We work with our members to assist them in improving their language skills.

3. FLI Financial Literacy

Be Wise money management: We work with partners to provide money management and entrepreneurship activities, both as formal courses and informal sessions, as well as motivational talks from local entrepreneurs.

4. Vocational Training

Undertaken at one of our partner organizations, members choose the course which suits them best. Members also have the opportunity to gain information, communication, technology (ICT) skills.

5. Mentoring

We develop a relationship with our members who benefit from advice and guidance from our staff.

6. Employment, Re-Employment, Own Business

Our ultimate aim is to enable our members to develop all of the skills required to enter the formal employment sector, or to embark on the path of self-sustainability, depending on their choice.

7. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Members who are interested in starting their own business or who already have their own business will be enrolled at training institutions offering entrepreneurship classes. We will also provide members with information regarding the process of registering your own business and institutions that are offering technical and financial support to young entrepreneurs.