MSR Team


Crystal Beukes

Crystal Beukes has been the CEO of MSR since 2016. Day to day she is responsible for the management of MSR, maintaining stakeholder engagement, looking for sponsorship, and running the Swakopmund office. Crystal loves how MSR’s support provides hope to the unemployed who may feel dismayed. Being a part of the solution brings her great joy. Additionally, the commitment and openness of the members to the support and help they receive by MSR is very encouraging to work with.


Tomas Shilongo

Tomas Shilongo joined the MSR team as an employee in 2008 after being a member. Tomas handles all administrative work in the Windhoek office as well as performs fieldwork, which involves searching for new members. Tomas says he loves working at MSR because it allows him to interact with people and help others.

Tresia Kenaruzo

Tresia Kenaruzo began working with MSR in February 2021. She assists the CEO with the overall activities of MSR and helps members with searching for jobs, writing applications, and interview skills at the Windhoek office. Her favorite part of working at MSR is conducting the monthly membership training since she knows the training can change the lives of the members.



Peace Corps Volunteers

Peace Corps Volunteers are assigned to a variety of projects in Namibia including Health Volunteerism, Education Volunteerism, and Community/Economic Development (CED) Volunteerism. Peace Corp volunteers are paired with an institution/organization for the duration of two years where they serve the organization needs and contribute towards the organizations progress. MSR gets paired with a CED volunteer, who spend two years helping MSR grow to reach its best potential. MSR provides the volunteers with the unique opportunity to live among many of the members in their community and to gain a more in-depth understanding of their situation, restrictions, and opportunities.

WPI Students

Every year four students from the American University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) come to work at MSR for two months. The WPI team has created us entrepreneurship classes, a database, this website, and much more. We love working with the WPI teams because the WPI students always come to work with enthusiasm and produce meaningful work. Additionally, the WPI students do projects that we at MSR don’t always have time to complete, which not only helps the organization grow but also prosper.

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