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Bank Windhoek Main Branch (Code 481972)

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Account no: 8001384357

Why should you donate?

Unemployment in Namibia has been growing every year, and combined with the limited job market more and more Namibian are becoming unemployed every day. We, at MSR, are actively trying to lower the unemployment rate by providing our members with the skills and training they need to become employable. By donating to MSR you are helping a member receive vocational training in their desired field, gain self-confidence, and learn the entrepreneurial skills necessary to be successful in life. A little bit goes a long way towards helping MSR put Namibians to work, one person and one job at a time.

Where does your donation go?

Donations to MSR go to but are not limited to:

  • Providing Vocational Training
  • Providing Educational Classes for School Leavers
  • Providing English Classes
  • Providing Entrepreneurial Training
  • Maintaining the IT Center and its Services

All donations go towards helping the goal of MSR, of giving members the skills and confidence they need to gain employment.