MSR links members to a variety of trainings and classes to help build member confidence and prepare them for their future jobs. These classes come from both MSR and through partnerships with central and local government, businesses, and interested individuals. This is part of MSR’s seven-step approach to job readiness.

Seven Steps

Trainings Opportunities

life skills training

Life Skills for the World of Work:

This training covers soft skills for the workplace such as communication and negotiation skills, as well as the roles and responsibilities of an employee. Additionally, the class covers interview skills, and CV writing to best prepare members for entering the job market. This training is required for all members and offered directly by MSR.

Budget wise, Save wise, Spend wise:

This course focuses on developing the members’ skills and attitudes to spend their money wisely. This is very important because members may currently work as a day laborer and thus have an inconsistent income. This course was created by the Ministry of Finance and is required by MSR to obtain membership.

members using computers

Computer Literacy:

This course teaches the basics of using a computer providing an introduction to using a computer, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet, and E-mails. This course is offered by Katutura Community College.

Vocational Training:

If members express interest in a particular trade that requires vocational training, MSR helps them pursue those careers by assisting with 90% of the cost. Some of the trainings members have taken include forklift operation, fashion design, and electrical installation. These courses are offered by KAYEC and a complete list can be found on their website.

first aid training

First Aid Training

First aid training is offered to members who are interested in this certificate. Being in possession of such a certificate provided the members with a better chance to be taken up in the job market, especially in the Fishing and Mining industry.

English for the World of Work:

Inadequate English language skills are one of the limiting factors that prevent many members from entering the formal labor market. To address this challenge, MSR has used funds received from the Namibian Literacy Trust to introduce a spoken English course, covering the basic requirements for the workplace.

Home Management:

This course teaches cooking skills, cleaning skills, laundry skills, life skills, and nanny skills to women. This course is taught by Women at Work.


Another limiting factor that prevents members from getting jobs is a lack of formal education. MSR assists members in getting a Grade 10-12 education through Namcol.