Other Resources

Beyond trainings and networking, MSR offers a few other services to help members better compete on the job market.

Computer center

Computer Center:

The IT Drop In Centre enables unemployed Namibians to take ownership of their job search activities. There are computers available to type a CV, or do job related research on the internet as well as access to photocopy facilities, and access to phone, fax and email services. These centers are located at the MSR offices. This was created with funding received from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives and Metropolitan Pinnacle Empowerment Trust.

Resource center:

One way we strive to make the job search easier for our members is through our resource center, located inside our offices. The center has newspapers for the members to read and search for job listings. Additionally, there is a job boards with info on vacancies that members can apply to online, business loans, trainings, workshops, and meetings. There is also a library, where members can check out various books, both for learning new skills and for casual readings. The purpose of this center is to provide our members with a designated space to search for and find employment opportunities.

Lend out Tools:

If a member gets a job related to yard work but doesn’t have the tools for it, MSR offers tools for the employer to rent for the member to use. The tools available include rakes for leaves and gravel, shovels, and a pick axe.