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Meet our members


Emmanuella is a full-time volunteer at the Swakopmund office. She joined MSR as a member in January of 2020 and became a full-time volunteer in May. As a volunteer, MSR has given her many valuable skills and equipped her to be a better person mentally, physically, and psychologically. She’s learned how to help members join, input data, and type CVs. She says that MSR is like a home and the welcoming atmosphere allowed herself to open up. She is very grateful for all that MSR has given her.


A group of friends introduced Tomas to MSR in 2019. With MSR’s help, Tomas was able to take graphic design classes, which allowed him to graduate as a graphic designer in visual arts. Tomas says that the most valuable asset he took from MSR are the membership training sessions as they gave him ideas on how to be a strong entrepreneur and manage a business. Tomas cherishes the great and insightful times he has had with MSR and loves the community.

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